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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Adorations To Forseti 


I adore You, Stiller of Strife.
I adore You, God who truly listens.
I adore You, One who is fair.
I adore You, Balder's son.
I adore You, Wielder of the Golden Axe.
I adore You, Giver of Law.
I adore You, gentle teacher.
I adore You, God of the Holy Spring.
I adore You who loves wisdom.
I adore You who speaks softly.
I adore You, so often set apart.
I adore You, God who sees the hidden meanings.
I adore You, God whose words are strength.
I adore You, Lord of shining Glitnir.
I adore You, Master of the Tenth Hall.
I adore You, rich in gold and silver.
I adore You whose expectations are exacting.
I adore You whose regard is intense.
I adore You whose love encompasses.
I adore You, God as warm as steady flame.
I adore You who welcomes.
I adore You, patient one.
I adore You who guides.
I adore You who sets the path through the storm.
I adore You whose speech is unclouded.
I adore You, Settler of Charges.
I adore You, seeker of precision.
I adore You who opens hearts.
I adore You whose gaze pierces as the hawk's.
I adore You whose smile is the sun rising.
I adore You, God of the Sacred Isle.
I adore You, Judge of the Gods.
I adore You who guards what is holy.
I adore You, Builder of Bridges.
I adore You, God of Balance.
I adore You who loves justice.
I adore You who seeks the right solution.
I adore You whom all the Gods hear.
I adore You, God of pure and flowing streams.
I adore You, God who appears at sea.
I adore You who builds the lawful land.
I adore You who Presides.
I adore You, constant star.
I adore You whose voice lifts up.
I adore You, God who pries out truth.
I adore You, God who shares Your thoughts and presence.
I adore You, Honorable One.
I adore You, Honest One.
I adore You who demands integrity.
I adore You who speaks forthrightly.
I adore You, God who gives generously.
I adore You who steers Home.
I adore You, God of the Frisians.
I adore You who perceives the hidden heart.
I adore You, God who binds.
I adore You, God of sworn oaths.
I adore, God of fierce freedom.
I adore You who rejoices.
I adore You who sorrows.
I adore You, God who breaks down walls.
I adore You whose blade cuts.
I adore You whose verdicts endure.
I adore You who mends wrongs.
I adore You who seals judgments.
I adore You whose rulings are sure.
I adore You who hopes for peace.
I adore You, God of tranquil waters.
I adore You, God of open sky.
I adore You, whose voice is poetry.
I adore You, whose eyes are light.
I adore You, Fully Trusted.
I adore You, Forseti.

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Image: Forseti - God of Lawgiving And Justice by ~Snnanagfashtalli:
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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