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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

13 Goddesses

Frigga, Beloved, Asgardís Queen
Saga, ancient story-teller supreme
Eir, physician, healing maid
Gefion, giver, a land did make
Fulla, plenty all around
Sjofn, affection does abound
Lofn, permission granted thus
Sin, defender, warding us
Hlin, protectress, warrior friend
Var, hearing oaths until the end
Vor, does know all that we seek
Snotra, wise of what to speak 
Gna, swift messenger of Frigg
Goddesses, much do you give.

Hail to you all, may you ever be strong 
May your days be joyful and your nights full of song.
May you grant me and mine love, peace and health
Wisdom, kindness, good-luck and good wealth
May it be that you are with us
Through our days and our nights
To grant us comfort and strength
Through the dark and the light
Hail to you Goddesses for your blessings this day 
Hail to you Goddesses for the blessings on their way.

© Hazel-Kate Dooley

Image: "The Three Graces" from "Primavera", Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)

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