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~ Multilingual International Asatru Poetry ~


O poderoso Thor
e o sábio Odhin
estejam contigo onde quer que vás.

A plenitude de Frey
e a graça de Freya
te aportem sorte ao quotidiano.

A ciencia de Njord
e a vontade forte de Skadi
sejam tuas enquanto viveres.

© Original: "Prayer of Troth": Michaela Macha

© Translation to Portuguese: Aiuwulf


May the strength of Thor
And the wisdom of Odin
Be with you wherever you walk.

May Frey´s abundance
And Freya´s grace
Bring you good luck at all times.

May the wealth of Njord
And Skadi´s strong will
Be yours as long as you live.

© Michaela Macha

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