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~ Historical & Classical Poetry ~

The two Crows
Twa Corbies - Website with the tune as mp3

As I was walking all alone
I heard two ravens making a moan
The one unto the other did say-o
"Where shall we go and dine today-o
Where shall we go and dine today?"

"In behind yon old turf dyke
I know there lies a new-slain knight
And nobody knows that he lies there-o
But his hawk and his hound and his lady fair-o
Hawk and his hound and his lady fair.

"His hound is to the hunting gone,
His hawk to fetch the wildfowl home,
His lady's taken another mate-o
So we may make our dinner sweet-o
We may make our dinner sweet.

"You'll sit on his white neck bone,
And I'll pick out his bonny blue een;
With one lock of his golden hair-o
We'll thatch our nest when it grows bare-o
Thatch our nest when it grows bare.

"Many a one for him makes moan
But none shall know where he is gone;
O'er his white bones when they are bare-o
The wind shall blow for evermore-o
Wind shall blow for evermore."

Traditional, originally Scottish

Image: "Two Crows", Arthur Rackham