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Adam Oehlenschläger, Denish Poet (1779-1850)

His first major work was Digte (Poems) in 1803. The volume contained Guldhornene (The Golden Horns),
Sanct-Hansaften Spil (A Play for Midsummer Eve) and Hakon Jarls Død (The Death of Earl Hakon). 
Romanticism had arrived in Denmark. Oehlenschläger was inspired by German Romantic poetry,
and when in 1805 he was awarded a state travel bursary, Goethe and Tieck were among those he visited.
In 1809, Oehlenschläger was given the title of Professor of Aesthetics.
Oehlenschläger was proclaimed "the King of Nordic poetry"

Selected Works:
1803 Digte (Poems)
1805 Poetiske skrifter (Poetical Works)
1807 Nordiske Digte (Nordic Poems)
1814 Helge
1819 Nordens guder (The Gods of the North)


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