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               Ragnarok - Lokiís Song

               Guitar tabs

      dm         C                 F                 am    G           em      dm

The God of Fire I was called, but god I am no more:

                   C         F            am      G         em      dm

I owe this fate to Balder, and to Odin, and to Thor.

     C                                                           F

In Asgard I would make my home, I dwelt among their mitts.

            C                                                 F                          am

They envied me my beauty and my powers and my wits.

       G                          dm                              C                            am

Of all the gods the folks did love, they loved me most of all,

     dm                    C                            F          am         dm

So Odin and the likes of him made sure I had to fall


            And now Iím lying here. Their poison burns my face.

                            dm                           C

            I cannot die in here. Ropes tie me to this place.

                                 F                        dm                    C                   am

            But soon enough I will be free, for Ragnarok is yet to be Ö


            and I will kill them.