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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Yule 2255 re

As I stand alone and watch the embers glow
The traditional Yule fire burning low
I recall the year and changing time
Inspired within I pen this rhyme

Iíve stood alone for many years
I cried alone too many tears
Yet within my heart I felt my kin
Each day my journey would begin

I gather my thoughts and look inside
To see a reflection of ancestral pride
I look out across this snow-covered land
And recall the touch of a brotherís hand

A brother who stood side by side
Counting the tears our people have cried
A brother whose blood runs free within
Who does not know of original sin

I turn to my thoughts and look within
To see the smile of friendly kin
A sister who has born our nationís child
Into a world so reckless and wild

A sister who bleeds in the name of fate
Teaching her children pride without hate
A sister who bears the will of our nation
Growing strength and tears of elation

I turn to my thoughts one last time
And recall the inspiration of this rhyme
Yule is fast approaching and I realize
My Faith and Family are before my eyes

I am not alone as the fire burns low
I have built the fire to brightly glow
Inspired by the High Gods and their illumination
I stand hand in hand with Odinís Nation

© Scot Arnjo aka Raudskeggr-AOR, Yule 12, 2255re 

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