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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Gates of Hel

Two roads converged upon a wood.
Yeah, "The Road Less Traveled" is about aggrandizing.
The tow roads were virtually identical, and there was nothing
anyone could do about it. Mundane, boring, average, stagnant.
The average Midgard Folk life. Just me. Just you?

Stalactites, ice and jagged black rock above, and the same below,
except for one thing:
Bones. Skulls, tibias, ulnas, and all the rest.
The smell of death, as you enter and pass on to something new.

No more pain. Beauty. My life.
My wyrd all got me to this incredible place.
Yes? Mediocrity got me here?
Yes, as blue drops drip from the cavern's ceiling
onto the surface of clear blue-green water,
and webs of tiny waves spread out from where they land.
The web of my wyrd landed me here, in all of this glowing beauty.
Here until Ragnarok.

Todd Schirm



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