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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


‘Twas the Night Before Yule

‘Twas the night before Yule, when snow blanketed the land
A young man was stirring, his destiny at hand
The fire was lit and the Hearth glowed with life
As the High Gods blessed him and his wife

No children as of yet roamed his hall
But the future of his kin was a resounding call
With his wife in his arms he sought ecstasy
As the Great Hunt started the future to see

Out across the land many shared the same chance
Fate being woven in a passion filled dance
The Norns running a shuttle and combing the strands
As the night howled wildly across the far lands

Mani looking upon them as they spoke as one
A new life arising with the day to come
He looked in her eyes and felt what he had dreamt of
The tiny sparkling flame that glistened of love

“I am a young man,” he told her with pleasure
“And in this life you are my greatest treasure.”
And in the blink of an eye she replied with bliss
“I know what you say every time we kiss.”

And the moonlight sang deep across the snow
And the wintry wind continued to blow
And the smoke drifted away from the warming fire
As the man and his wife knew eternal desire

And in due time the snows melted away
Midgard awoke to a new dawning day
And life again sprang up from the ground
As man and wife watched the new life abound

The High Gods from Asgard and Vanaheim
Watched the future as it was woven in time
The wife’s belly grew and she slowed each day
And the Gods knew the future was secured this way

And nine months past Yule the wife bore a child
Bringing him forth into a world so reckless and wild
And the man bathed his son and cleansed him with water
As the woman smiled weakly and dreamt of a daughter

The man knew her thoughts and made a promise to her
I will give you the gift to secure our future”
And the woman smiled yet again then rested through the night
And the man sat in his home awaiting the light

And the days came to pass that Yule returned again
And the man and wife watched a new year begin
Looking upon the past months, twelve in all
Knowing the Gods blessings had answered their call

On another Yule day the man held his wife tight
Making passionate love deep into the night
And a new child was conceived as Fate stepped in
The promise of a man to his treasured kin

A daughter was born upon a fall breeze
And a year old son walked to is father with ease
Both men swore an oath of unbending will and desire
To protect their blood and the ancestral fire

The new dawn arose and the children proved to be strong
They carried their bloodline proudly and knew no wrong
They followed the ways of their Folk, proud kith and kin
And the future was secured once again

© Scot Arnjo aka Raudskeggr-AOR, Yule 1, 2256re

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