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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

New Life

Newborn child, breathe now from the brisk, fresh air
And allow for your eyes to open wide;
Behold your family; You are in their care.

You are unique; None shall there be beside
You as you'll learn and grow at your own rate.
In time, you'll be able to read and write.

By then, you'll understand my words to date.
But for now, you must sleep and gain your rest.
I'm ahead of myself, so I shan't prate.

For now, you shall nurse at your mother's breast
And return to your placid place of dreams.
Your birth has made you weary, I shall attest.

Your eyes betray your fatigue, it seems,
And your cries and wails grow awfully loud,
So softly rest your eyes and face so sheen.

One day, I know you'll make your family proud.

Justin Douglas Blackford

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