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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


My First Gift to Odin

Odin. Knowledge honed with spirit
cut and straight, put into a frenzy.
Hard, quiet when called for. Focus drip by drip
'till put into the point of a spear.
Sharp to the end,
To the end where the last atom waits at the end of a point.

Odin. Anger, love, and the breath of life.
Brothers, the rest of it. Here because of Odin.
Breathe me, All Father. Breathe me until I feel
the cold, the heat, pain, love and everything.
Don't hold on like I knew you wouldn't.
Feel the elements on your own, you said. Feel it all. All of it.

Odin, I hail you. All Father. God of the people
who seek freedom from what was and what would be. I hail you.
Virtuous God who suffered. God who wanted, no, found knowledge
and in so doing, taught all who saw and listened.
True God and the only way for those
who balance right and wrong correctly because of you.
Choices. Consequences. Life.

Todd Schirm


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