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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Mortraeth´s Song

I've watched a dozen summers fade
Without his touch, without his hand
I've seen a dozen times that tree
Spread leaves like fire across his land
As I stand, silent, by his gate
I serve him as I stay and wait

I've seen a hundred bolts of cloth
Spring whole and vibrant from the loom
For me to fold and pack away
In hopes of breaking winter's gloom
As I wait word of husband's fate
What more to do but sit and wait

I till the fields and tend the fires
I watch the flocks and spin the wheel
I work all day but cannot sleep
For fear of what dawn may reveal
Of viking gone, of missing mate
In fear I can but work and wait

I keep the house, I keep the land
I mind his cattle and his men
I'll smile my smile when he arrives
And once more when he leaves again
So spins my life, I mark each date
When he must go, and I must wait

When comes the time and turns the tide
When ships go gliding out to sea
His last sight of his home and land
Will be the shore, and there of me
Before I go to hearth and grate
The days do pass, and I shall wait.  

© Arthur McLean

Arthur McLean is active in the SCA and a Bard of Ealdormere - see all his works.

Image: "Sleeping Draught", Arthur Rackham, 1910.