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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



One hundred and twenty degrees in the shade.
Mediterranean coast off North Africa's split and jagged rock
Face, running down to it's beige sand and out to cool sea water.
Blue-green, hot, cold, and in the middle. So it all comes to this.

Icicles pointing down to the white frozen snow below. Each
Snow flake tapping my glove and the rest of me, as I look down.
White, shining, clean, as things could have been. Swiss chalet up
Above from where they all drop from the eves. So it all comes to this.

Push back with my arms. Push hard, knees bent, half way up my chest
In the cold, cold rushing water of the Russian River. Push, just a little more,
Into my favorite place, in that pocket just behind a three foot tall water fall.
Water. Cold, cold water. In, around, up, back and beneath. Rushing water,
Yeah water, there in my favorite place. So, it all comes to this.

Todd Schirm


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