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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Invocation to Hevring

For the destruction I have wrought,
I beg forgiveness.
For the garbage I have thoughtlessly discarded into the world,
I beg forgiveness.
For each time I have feasted unthinking
Upon your hunted and threatened children,
I beg forgiveness.
For each time I have walked by trash
Littering your beach and done nothing,
I beg forgiveness.
For my waste, my carelessness, and my ignorance,
I beg forgiveness.
For each time I turned away, closed my eyes,
Chose not to see,
I beg forgiveness.

Goddess of anguish, who holds the grief of a dying sea,
Share with me Your anguish. I will bear what of it I can
That it may guide me in mindfulness and right action.
Let my hands be Your hands, my voice Your voice
So that I may do what is within my power
To right the wrong done to Yours by my species.
You are witness to annihilation. And for myself
And my people, I am ashamed.

Galina Krasskova


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