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~ By Courtesy of Others ~






I am (Declamation of Existence)

I am.
I am aware. I live and grow. I breathe the air that nourishes my life and I feel the blood that pulses through my veins. I am constantly moving and evolving.

I think. I know that I exist. I continue to learn and the knowledge that gives me a better understanding of all that is around me never ceases to expand in my mind.

I am advantaged. I came into being under circumstances that allow me a higher chance of survival and prosperity if I use them shrewdly.

I am disadvantaged. I came into being with circumstances that create challenges and potentially impair my chances of survival and prosperity. But, these challenges give me a better reason to pursue a life of happiness by overcoming them and adding another victory to my legacy to come.

I love. I know what it is to care and to be cared for, and the strength that companionship builds.

I hurt. I know what it is to feel pain, and I use my experience in pain to teach me rather than to torture me.

I contemplate. I search for meaning to the universe and I try to create a sense of direction and purpose to my own life as a result. I have both doubted and considered the existence of an intelligent entity of creation and the higher powers at work that are invisible to my eyes. I have pondered the idea of my own spirit and what purpose such a design could serve, both to myself and a possible Creator.

I create. I use my mind and hands together to create and manipulate things necessary to my survival and to also express myself to the world.
I take from the traditions before my time and I use them as foundations in the building of my own morality. My own moral value system that I make through experience and introspective thought gives me something to which I can abide so that I may feel complete and content with myself. As such, I am ambitious in seeking a consistent state of being that is self-reliant.

I maintain. I will preserve my life and the lives of my loved ones by whatever means I deem necessary. I take the responsibility to provide the necessities for myself and those in my care by whatever means are reasonable. I recognize both my own right to be and other life-forms' rights to be. But, I will not hesitate to defend the life of my own or my loved ones if threatened.

I want. I desire for my life to end with more to my name than I had when my life began. I always want to do more for myself and others and I never settle for less than I am worth.

I have a right to be. I am part of this universe no matter what and I shall continue to prove my right to exist. I would not wish to have lived any other life, nor lived in any other time or place. I shall prove to the history to come that I did exist and that I accomplished a good life of happiness in my own time.

I am.

Justin Douglas Blackford
Oct. 26, 2006

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