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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The way a person is treated by others depends so much on looks -
the look of his own appearance, and the look the others cast on him...


Pariah? Shunned? Midgard burn victim, cleft pallet, asymmetrically ugly?
Look out for the normal people.
Just back away from the counter 'cause you shouldn't be
in public looking like that. Not anywhere.
Just go away. Disappear. Shoo. Leave. Run. Hit the road.
I almost said make like an apple. Get away!

Just one Man's opinion. Just one Man's experience.
Just one person's thoughts on Hela. Where she went. Why she ended up where she went.
No! Where she went wasn't where she should have gone!
Leave her alone! Let her be! Back away from her! Don't do that anymore! Leave her!
Look to the other side. Be calm. Just don't let it get to you. Ignore it.
Pretend like you never saw the other side of her face.
Work to get her back.
She's worth it.

Todd Schirm



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