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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Fulltrui (Heart Friend)

Unpleasant nightmares caused by a candle left lit.
It's the flame, it's the Gods, just confused now a bit.
Questions. Contact? Contact with me?
Through a small flame I left burning all night, do you see?
Yes, I wish, Gods I wish I could feel you
some way, through any senses of mine,
yet the flame, yeah, the flame just burns before me.

Atoms and quarks ruled by physical laws,
yet the flame on my altar from the candle gives cause.
Cause to live, reason for sparks of beginnings in me.
It's the valknot before the candle on my altar you see,
reflecting orange off silver, such a beautiful sight.
Odin hear me, please hear me, give me strength now to fight.
Fight to live, I've lost all my earthly possessions.
Take my life. Take it all. Just answer my questions.

Todd Schirm


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