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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Fear No Man (a tribute to Egil Skallagrimson)

I stand tall and still with my pride,
For I face my foes with contempt.
They will not throw my life aside;
From my wrath shan't they be exempt.

My enemies impede my way,
Yet they cannot keep me in check.
I still have something left to say,
Ere by speech of spear shall they be wrecked.

Many times I felled trees of battle;
None could match my skill with a blade.
Beneath my steed the earth rattled;
Through rivers of blood did I wade.

When I don my hauberk and shield
Nary a missile shall pierce me.
Before snakes of war I shan't yield;
I gallantly fight on with glee.

My hands shall not be forced along
To do which is against my will.
Through duels my sword has sang it's song;
Just ask all the men I have killed!

Nor fear I nefarious words;
I am not averse to flytings.
If challenged by churls or lords,
My tongue will send them all weeping.

My skill in speech has saved my head
From proud kings and queens overseas.
So awed were they by what I said,
That I could leave their lands in peace.

Fair ladies and damsels shall have
My respect and their due honour.
I defend them from foolish knaves
When they are in need of succour.

Those who challenge for women's hands
Will not bring them love, only pain.
So I defeat them on Eorthe's lands,
For I am the Berserker's Bane!

I say clever words not to preen,
Nor ignore them not to prostrate.
This is just that which I have seen
And done from youth 'till days of late.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "Egil Skallagrimsson", Carlshamns Commersen

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