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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Fallen Heroes All

Our heroic Saxons answered the call
To arms as they made their way to Britain
For the noble cause of bringing our law
To the place which would be our new homeland.

Battle was met by the native Britons
Who refused to let our people pass by
Without there first being a trial of arms
Which would make our soon-to-be widows cry.

They issued their challenge and so we fought
Until the earth was stained red with our life.
The steel loudly clashed as the arrows sought
To puncture us in this war to the knife.

We gave it our best, but by the Gods' Will
It was not enough, as we would soon learn;
"Catastrophic defeat at Badon Hill!"
Was all to be heard, but we will return.

In my mind, I still see the bodies lie;
Long after the battle, ravens still caw;
I see our tattered banner and I sigh,
"Here lie the bravest; Fallen heroes all."

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image:  "Hervor", Peter Nicolai Arbo (18311892, Norwegian painter)

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