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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Swing back upon infinite wonder, as the sun makes
My pupils contract into tiny black dots. Pin points,
Pulling in all that is the solitary, sunlit, early morning
And Dagaz's spirit at it's best.

Orange, yet not orange.Yellow, yet not yellow. White, and
Not white. All three colors combined into a hot shallot, yet
Tasting and smelling more like that which comes from a
Seed. Manifesting, molten metallic sheen yet even hotter.

And to no purpose but to be. To be it's nature and as
A consequence create life. Give life. Emanate life and hold
It for our ever. For to us it is forever and not the blink of an
Eye with a warm brown, blue, green, hazel or even yellow.


Todd Schirm


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