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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Blackest Flame

Heed! Profoundest and noxious pestilence!
For I am the Primordial Chaos,
Come before all races of gods and men.
My flesh is blackest flame without an end.

I gallantly wield the Sword of Revenge;
The Swarthy blade, Devourer of Gods!

Aloft subterranean mountaintops,
In full witness of magma drips and drops,
I oversee my loathful burning realm,
Awaiting seat at the Woeful Ship's helm.

Very soon, I shall arise forever!
From the deepest depths, I shall be Tyrant!

Leading a legion of undead demons
(Your children outcast for paltry reasons)
I shall set your worlds ablaze with great brash;
Green and blue shall crumble to blackest ash.

I am the purest burning Blackest Flame;
Hatred and pain incarnate; Surtr hight!

 Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "The Giant with the Flaming Sword", John Charles Dollman (1851-1934)

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