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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Friend's Farewell

My body is cold; I seem to have run out of time.
I send my farewell to you all in verse and in rhyme.
I hope that I've shown my love and that I've been your delight.
I wish you all good health as I send you my good-bye.

Memories of the good times we've had were worth the while.
It was fun for me, and I'll remember all the smiles.
But now, you must go on without me and enjoy life.
For life is too short to be embittered or in strife.

I hope those after me will have learned from my mistakes
And take the best of my life and use it for their own sakes.
So don't cry as the wind lifts my soul toward the light,
Because in due time, we'll all be in each other's sight.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Gene Gould 2002


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